Thursday, July 17, 2014

La Dôle (1677 m)

We are resting our legs after a Tuesday hike, before a more challenging weekend plans. Radek took half a day off and we decided to hike La Dôle (1677 m) - the second highest summit in Swiss Jura. It was supposed to take 4.5 h but we were in a hurry and we did it an hour faster. We gave the most of us - not really good for the whole 'resting idea' :) Anyway, the hike was marvelous. Starting from the skiing fields, we had a beautiful view on the plateau, surrounded by the cowbells sounds. The ascent was very mild and pleasant.

La Dôle is well known in the surroundings as it's easily visible from almost every place at the north west coast of Lake Geneva thanks to its dome - which is a meteo station in practice and looks like a huge football ball.

The view from the top is spectacular! I think it will become my favourite guest hike because it's relatively easy and the panorama on the Alps and whole Lac Leman is just breath-taking!

We stayed for a while at the top - actually it was the very first time I didn't feel like continuing the trip because the view was so nice. And ironically, we were in a hurry that day so we couldn't stay too long. Anyway, the clouds started to threaten us a bit so in any case we needed to descend.

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