Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rochers de Naye (2042 m)

Our today hike - Rochers de Naye - was supposed to be one of the most picturesque ones along the lake Geneva. We didn't really have much (any) possibility to learn that. Despite the forecasts, we hiked with our colleagues Elina and Matthias in the clouds and the only moment we could see kind of a view was from the car park (see photo below) in the beginning and towards the end of the hike. However, this was not a wasted time due to two events...
Event one: cave exploring. The entrance looked really innocently but it turned out to be pretty long, humid, cold and complex. Radek was the first one to enter and we all followed using our flashlights to lighten the path in front of us. It felt adventourous.

Event two: sheep rescuing. Was it because of the fog or because of the bad fence - no matter the reason, we encountered sheep tangled in nets. Twice. I really don't know the procedures in such cases, I may just hope we did what was the best - freed them.

Other than that our hike continued without perturbance. I really regret not seeing the views that should be really spectacular. However, nothing lost. Now that we know the route we can come back here some sunny day.

We could easily tell it was a fun summit. Situated at its foot Montreux is known as Lac Leman riviera and Rochers de Naye are reachable from there by train. Thanks to that a lot of tourists visit this mountain and it shows... Alpine garden, yurts, fancy restaurant, signposts and picnic places make it a very popular destination not only for hikers.

 A little obstacle on our way back:

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