Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trou de la Mouche (2467 m)

Already before coming to France I made a list of places I want to hike. Trou de la Mouche (2467 m) was marked red in it so that I don't miss it by chance! And finally, we made it! We started from a valley, already having beautiful views on a very hot day.

We soon went out of a tourist and animals' bell ringing zone and started some more serious hiking through pebbles and rocks.

That's a first look on our destination place:

Trou de la Mouche (Hole of a Fly) is basically an arch in a rock. We could see it for the most time of our ascent which made it pleasent to hike (it's always motivating to be able to see the aim). But before reaching it we needed to get past the valley still covered in snow at some parts, then climb the ridge and made a last-ditch effort of almost a vertical climb to La Trou. But we were rewarded...

Although the clouds were lurking for us we were just in time to see a beautiful view on the valley, Mont Blanc and la Trou. Really splendid!

A short break to enjoy the views and grab a bite and off we go down at the other side of the arch, getting away from the clouds. That side of the rock was as nice as the other one!

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