Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goldenpass train ride: Gstaad and Château-d'Oex

We have friends coming over to our place so this always mean busy and fun days. I really try and keep my house open to anyone willing to visit us and I always enjoy those visits. Although seeing the same places becomes a bit of a routine to me (I never enjoyed going twice to the same spot) there are still places we haven't seen around and friends' visit is a very good occasion to discover something new.
And so... Switzerland is well known for its panoramic trains that meander through mountains and lakes. There are two that are particularly famous - Goldenpass panoramic trail and Glacier Express. The first one is a train that goes way up to the Swiss Alps and has big panoramic screens. The other one goes through glaciers and snow caps.
We drove to Montreux with Monika and Przemek where we hopped on the Panoramic train that would take us up to Gstaad.

The panoramic trail was nice but I guess living here we are a bit used to those landscapes of Lake Geneva and mountains. Gstaad on the other hand was really nice.  It's a well known ski resort and a very posh place where all the high class of Switzerland spend their holidays and shop for accessories in fancy boutiques.

After a short walk and a hot chocolate break in Gstaad we hopped on a train again and rode to Château-d'Oex (crossing the language border - back to Frenchies). Again, we had a walk in this picteresque village, situated in a valley between the mountains. We didn't get to see the castle in close up but I don't regret it as we had a pretty tasty lunch instead. Tummies full? Yes? So let's go back to Geneva.

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