Sunday, September 7, 2014

Museum Ariana

Today we visited Ariana Swiss Museum for Ceramic and Glass. Although I am not a particular fan of museum (especially on a day like today), we are all still feeling a bit ill and need a break from tiring and challenging weekends. That's why we decided to see an exhibition.

I won't lie to you - I didn't like the exhibitions... 22 000 ceramic pieces - it's just too much to take in and I am not into the topic anyway. There two most interesting bits about the museum were the building itself (built at the end of the 19th century) and a contemporary artist exhibition (but that was very small).

When we finished the tour we sat outside by the fountain and enjoyed a truly summery weather. It was hot like it should have been the whole August! After that we went to see the United Nations. We are planning to pay a visit to the building itself but we never had occasion so far. but even the surrounding is nice. There is the Broken Chair (5.5 tons of wood and 12 m high) that is there to remind about the land bombs and mines' victims. There is also a fun fountains installation - they change size and sprout water in various manners. That one is kids' favourite on a hot day like today!

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