Saturday, September 27, 2014

La Désalpe in St-Cergue

This is an event we missed last year and I was looking forward to it this season. La Désalpe takes place when the cows come down from their grazing fields and stay in barns for winter. Yep... it means summer is definitely over.
We headed to a small village of Saint Cergue, already high up in Swiss Jura mountains. Cows were undoubtedly in the spotlight but other attractions included mountain shepherd dogs, long musical tube-horns (I'm pretty sure I once knew their original name but it's gone now), and lots of countryside goodies like cheese, ham, liquors etc.

Did I mention the goodies? :)

There were lots of people, lots of cows, lots of noise and lots of sunshine. Such a nice day to say goodbye to summer.

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