Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pas du Roc

Longly awaited holidays have come... And so, the very first free day, we set off on a trail, no matter the weather. We chose Pas du Roc - a very nice walk that had it all: forest switchbacks, waterfalls, delicate rock passages equipped with chains and field plains. We also got a bonus - thick fog, lots of mud, remains of snow and slippery stones. But it made the trip really interesting - kind of mystical even. I was on a lookout for fairies or dwarves (I believe that if they were to show up - it would be on a day like that) - but didn't spot any of them. Next time :)

We went in a group of nine people so it was a lot of fun for us. A forest passage soon ended and the real game began! On our left we had a vertical rock equipped with chains, on our right we had... milk void! Since we didn't see a thing we could have imagined what was on our right. One sure thing: there was a chasm.

After this challenging passage we reached Pont de Pierre - a little bridge right over a stunning waterfall. Again, it was special to watch the water disappear in the void...

Normally Pas du Roc was reached there but we decided to continue up to reach Champ Laitier (the milk field - that day it was indeed very milky - you will see in a moment). We were a bit surprised to learn there was snow on that altitude (it was at  ~1300 m). Surprise turned into amusement quite fast as we started a snow ball fight.

 The milky field: (use your imagination to figure out what's behind us)

Since the milky field has became a milky swamp, full of little streams, mud and no view whatsoever, we soon turned back and started the descent which turned out to be way more difficult than the route up.

Visibility became a bit better on our way down so we could feel more of a vertigo.

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