Saturday, May 10, 2014

Croix du Nivolet (1547 m)

Put off by our last hiking experience when we had to turn back because of snow on the trail, this time we chose something less risky - Croix du Nivolet of a not-so-stunning altitude of 1547 m. Although it seems mediocre in here, actually it was a wonderful trail, filled with many attractions.
We started the hike from a forest path that soon led us to the plains at the footstep of the mountain from where we could see our destination - the Nivolet Cross which towers above the neighbouring city of Chambery.

Soon we approached a vertical wall of the rock. We already knew what was coming - fun chains passage and a ladder-ish installation that made our way on the mountain.

From there we quickly reached the summit through a crowded path full of families with children that chose an easier route. A beautiful panorama spread from the top - on Lac du Bourget, Chambery, Aravis mountains and Alps in the background. We made a well-earned pause before choosing a different route for a descent.

Our descent started  through a forest. We were coming forward to a vertical rock and you can imagine our surprise when we were close enough to see people climbing it. That was thrilling to me!

It's not really visible but in the very centre of the photo above there are people climbing (just right from the cave). They are just attached to the vertical wall...  Anyway, we were soon to something similar at a close-up. We continued our walk and soon got to a La Doriaz waterfall. That was stunning! The water sprung from the rocks and just a couple of meters above there were people hanging on the rope, climbing down after cave exploration. I mean... how cool is that?

Our path continued along the cascades of water until we reached the fields that were situated beside the village we parked our car. I have to say that was a really awesome hike.

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