Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pic des Mémises (1676 m)

Our second day in mountains - no matter the weather :) We went down the south-east coast of Lake Geneva to climb Pic des Mémises of a not stunning altitude of 1676 m - but allegedly with stunning views over the lake. Well, we never learned that, so we need to take it for granted. Why? Because we had our heads in clouds... Literally!

Trail started in the forest. A misty, humid and slippery but really enchanting steep path led us through stones and waterfalls to "l'echelle" - a 12-meter long ladder making access to the higher parts of the mountain. We made a short stop before climbing the steps up and leaving the forest behind. The climb felt a bit dangerous but nothing horrifying.

When we reached the top of the rock the landscape became way more monotonous. Clouds covered everything so we could see only grass and milky fog around us. That changed though when we reached the ski resort (now closed).

Viewpoint :)


Ski resorts are characterized by the fact that they are built in places where snow will last as long as possible. And so, the ski station was covered in wet, heavy remains of snow. Now how do you think the fog looks like with the snow covered plains? Like this...

There was no visibility whatsoever! It felt like we were immersed in a glass of milk. We had absolutely no idea where we were going - if it hadn't been for the map and GPS, we wouldn't have been able to continue. It was really a particular experience. Such conditions lasted for about an hour and then we made a turn to reach the summit of Pic des Mémises. A quick photo of a cross and off we go back to the car through muddy little paths. We even made a bet who would be the first on to fall down. Sadly enough, it was me :)

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