Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pointe Percée (2752m)

During the stay of our friends I wanted to show them the beauty of surrounding mountains. Unfortunately they didn't have too much time so I needed to chose one trail that will contain everything what is grate in mountains - beautiful view from a trail, wonderful view from the top. Some exciting passages (like chains) and interesting terrain. Also it shouldn't be too difficult and we must have good weather and visibility. Because it is impossible for one trail to meet all this requirements we needed to resign from at least one condition. We gave up on "not too difficult" and "good weather and visibility" and we went to Pointe Percée (2752m).

The hike started from the same path as our hike to Col des Verts and separated after the refuge.  
So first part was easy with very nice views. 

When we entered on route that would take us to Pointe Percée the path changed dramatically and we needed to almost climb all the way to the top. It was funny but also a bit scary especially for Michał who has vertigo.

As the path became more and more difficult the visibility also decreased. So Michał resigned from further climbing around 100m from the top, being just above clouds that spread for a moment. I continued to the top just to find out that it is directly in very dense clouds. During descend Michał said that it had been a frightening experience but totally worth it and next time he would climb to the top.

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