Friday, August 15, 2014

Wine tasting in Féchy

We're very happy to host in our place our best friends Magda and Michał. I just can't imagine not taking them to wine tasting - it's always so much fun! We planned to visit a lot of caves, but as usual, we overestimated our possibilities when it comes to visiting those places and finished up seeing two. I won't write "just" two because two was definately enough :)

We decided to go for a new destination - Féchy. It's a very small place but full of vineyards. Our first one - Domaine La Colombe turned out to be a real hit! We stayed there for over an hour, chatting to the owner, getting to know all bits and pieces of wine making and of course... tasting! But I also appreciate the artsy part of those tours. Each cave has its own unique style, full of little quaint wine-making related art items.

From there we moved through Féchy to find another spot to sit. What a lovely village! It's situated on a hill from where we could see Lac Leman and the surrounding vineyards.

Most of the places were already closed since we overstayed our visit at Colombe Cave. We managed to find one place though - Cave La Goutte de l'Amitié - which welcomed us with open hands. It was a completely different place than the previous one. It was small and living up to the expectation of its name ("Drop of Friendship"). We were greeted by the two elderly owners who sat with us by the table and drank the wine with us as we tasted their makes. That was really nice and on top of that I got to practice my French!

We would love to stay longer but it was getting late and it was time to get going back. As we bough a couple of bottles, said goodbye and left the place, we were stunned by the rainbow over the lake. I imagine it should happen quite often here, yet I don't remeber having seen it earlier. Bye, bye, Féchy!


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