Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aiguillette des Posettes (2201 m)

We hesitated till the last moment with a decision what to do with the day. A quick look at the forecasts... Ok, looks like a fine day for hiking. It was not our first time in mountains with our baby boy, but the most serious outing without a doubt. Technically the route was the easiest one you could have, but it was not that short and moderate when it comes to elevation gain - Aiguillette des Posettes (2201 m).

Yet again, I wa ssurprised by the colours in higher parts. It's summer in plains, but fall in mountains and I love it!
Our road led through a forest up to Col des Posettes. When we reached it we experienced what I call "the WOW effect". Beautiful landscape on the surrounding mountain and La Tour glacier. It's a pity that clouds covered it a bit but still, it was amazing.

From there we continued through more and more colurful surroundings to reach the top. We had the glacier on our right side continuosly so we watched it showing up and disappearing behind the clouds.

Originally we planned to do a loop but because the weather was changing we decided to go back by the route we already covered. Distance-wise it was similar but at least we knew what to expect and there was also a possibility to take the cable car down in case of rain.

I really enjoyed this walk. Autumn... It makes me melancholic!

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