Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas and New Year in Szczecin

Finally, it's this time of the year, my favourite without any doubt. I am happy we could spend Christmas with family and friends this year. We celebrated Christmas Eve with all our family sitting at one table (17 people children not counted). Before that we had done lots of Christmas preparations like decorating a tree, cooking pierogi or setting up winter decorations. First day of Christmas meant more family visits to us. On the second day of Christmas we organised a meeting to all our closest friends - a traditions that was started 10 years ago and has been cherished ever since. I am grateful that I have so many dear people around me and that I can share those moments with them.

Our visit passed quickly and we never had a moment for ourselves to rest. We had lots of visits, did some walks in the city greenery, went shopping a couple of times, did even more visits... Despite having such a busy time we managed to rest a bit and charge the batteries for the New Year.

On our way back home (by home I mean France now) we experienced a little setback... I mean, it's winter so it was nothing very unexpected but recent high temperatures dulled our vigilance. And here's what we encountered...

Fortunately we made it safely to Saint Genis and we are back to our everyday life ready for new challenges. Next on: ski course in the Alps!

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