Sunday, January 18, 2015

Skiing in La Clusaz

Ski adventure continues... This weekend we're in La Clusaz. Our second outing with CERN Ski Club was a real blast. We had been closely observing the weather the week before as the snow level in the Alps was rather alarming. Fortunately, just a night before Saturday temperatures had dropped and it had been snowing. What a relief :)
My turn was on Saturday. I had rather difficult conditions as it was pretty cold and it was snowing all the time. You won't see many lovely photos from my outing but nevertheless I enjoyed the views even if they were a bit misty. I managed to go down a blue piste for the first time in my life - a challenge that was rewarded by the sunny spells!

Radek had more luck on his day as it was bright and sunny all the time. I can't really say a lot about his outing as I wasn't there but I can assure you he had lots of fun. He's getting way ahead of me with his skills, I really need to catch up!


  1. To wlasnie tu, skasowalam sobie cudnie kolanko;)

    1. Ojoj, a to pech. Mam nadzieję, że nic poważnego i możesz jeszcze jeździć.