Saturday, January 31, 2015

Skiing in Les Contamines

This week's outing was in Les Contamines in French Alps. This is by no means the prettiest ski resort I have seen so far, it's a pity I had visibility only for a very short period in the morning. Still, it's better luck than Radek had as he skied in blizzard and mist and haven't seen anything. I hope to go there one more time to show him the beauty of mountains around.

Within half an hour the weather turned from what you see in the upper photos into this:

In any case, we had lots of fun both on the pistes and in the lifts :)


  1. Cudowne widoki, patrzę, oglądam i wciąż mi mało. Zachwycające

  2. Ewo, dziękuję! A to ledwie komórką pstrykane, a i tak robi wrażenie. Alpy sa cudowne, polecam każdemu!