Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ski Adventure begins: Les Gets

Longly awaited by us skiing course has begun! The next 5 weekends in a row we will spend on pistes, doing shu shu shu. I am very happy that we get to try yet another new thing for us. It's a pity that we won't exactly share this experience with Radek. I mean, we will share it but separetly, as I attend the course on Saturdays and Radek on Sundays. Also, our level is a bit different as my husband already did some skiing last year and I am a complete rookie. This also means that our blog will be flooded by poor quality cell phone photos but on the other hand I promise you lots of beautiful winter mountains landscape.
On our first outing we went to Les Gets. Although the snow is nearly non-existent, for a beginner like me it was just fine. I had lovely weather, some nice views and lots of fun. I already know I like skiing :) Keep your fingers crossed that I don't break a leg.

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