Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bohemian Switzerland Day 3: Bastei and Königstein

Ok, time to explore a bit of Germany too. The most famous place at this side of the border is by no means Bastei which is a complex of beautiful paths, beautiful sandstone rock formations, a bridge, Elbe river and a neighbouring resort. As you see, a lot to explore :) Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones who had this idea and there were swarms of people! I mean it, there were so many it was actually irritating. I didn't expect that at the end of September but apparently it is a very famous place and on top of that easily reachable for elderly, families with children or even handicapped.

At first we headed to Schwedenlocher which is a trail of 900 steps situated in a lovely environment of rocks, woods and boulders. Sometimes it gets really narrow. I was lucky enough to have checked the route earlier and we made it going down. Of course, later on we needed to regain the elevation but the path up was a bit milder than Schwedenloche. Plus, we visited Rathen resort before going up, so refreshed after a meal and a beer, we were able to climb up straight to Bastei bridge from where we had a view on Elbe river (one of many this day) and stunning rocks at the other side.

It was a cool place but I was relieved to leave it. Simply too many people to enjoy it properly. Another attraction of the day was a fort named Königstein. We decided to visit it mainly because of the magnificent view it gives on the Elbe river (see the first photo). I'm not particularly into military history but the view was worth seeing. Plus, Wojtek enjoyed the cannons scattered around the place.

Another good day! See you tomorrow!

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