Monday, September 26, 2016

Bohemian Switzerland Day 5: Bad Schandau

The last day of our journey wasn't strictly specified in our plan. We could choose from a couple of places and in the end decided to see Bad Schandau - a small German city on a way back home. Since this was our return day, we calmed down a bit and reduced the attractions for the day. Bad Schandau is well known for two things: 1) a historical tram that goes all the way up to natural reserve (the only tram that is allowed into a natural reserve) 2) a viewpoint tower. We decided to go check out the tram and miss the tower. The track led up very slowly through a forest and stopped at a very small waterfall. There were a couple of short walking routes around but we didn't have a sling this time and were tired of walking with children so we just hanged around the final stop a bit and returned to the village. The ride itself was pretty pleasant because the view on the trees and rocks was nice. After the ride and a small walk around the city we packed the kids and came back home. This was a really nice get away trip that filled up my batteries. Time to plan the next one :)

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