Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bohemian Switzerland Day 1: Tiské stěny

The idea to visit Bohemian Switzerland conceived when I was still pregnant. The pregnancy didn't go well and for the majority of it I had to stay home (or around) so I was really in the need of changing places when it was all over. Lots of people think it's impossible or unwise to travel with infants. I'm not one of them and when it turned out that the weather this year couldn't be better, we booked our stay. Bohemian Switzerland and its mountains are the closest mountains from us - ~3.5h drive. They're built mainly from sandstone which makes them particularly pretty. They're not very high, the highest summit in the region is over 700m above the sea level but thanks to the geology they make for great rocks to climb or hike... or simply visit and watch as the sandstone takes on all sorts of crooked and bizarre forms: holes, funnels, pillars - you name it.

On the first day of our 5-day trip we headed to Tisa, from where we hiked up to Tiské stěny (Tyssa Walls). It's a complex of sandstone rocks that first grow in a forest and then stretch in an arc at the level of ~600m. The place is now a natural reserve which I can totally understand because it is simply an awesome place. Actually, I think it was the best day from the whole trip. The rock formations were truly remarkable and opened up countless possibilities for imagination when it comes to their interpretation. Is it a mushroom or an umbrella? A dwarf or a hag? A rabbit or a peacock? Of course, they have all been already interpreted and if you take a map from tickets office you'll know the answer right away, but where's the fun it?

The route was very pleasant. At first we went through rocks and woods (and when I say through rocks I really mean it - the path leads through the cracks in sandstone boulders). Then we got to a restaurant where we made a beer pause. <A side note: throughout the whole trip we made loads of beer pauses. Beer in Czech and Germany is always great!>  <Side note 2: I drank "ne alko" which was still great for me>. Then we moved to a return path that led on a ridge and gave us a beautiful view on Bohemian Switzerland valley.

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