Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wiejce Palace

We're having such a wonderful autumn this year it would be a sin not to take advantage of it. After a rough maternity start now I feel at ease with the new situation and am ready to explore the beauty of life with my family. So when my husband announced they're having an off-site integration trip for his company workers and their families, we decided to go all four of us.
The place was Wiejce Palace, a 2-hour drive from Szczecin, situated in a lovely little village in the middle of nowhere. The place was so lovely that in the end we stayed there all time instead of doing exploration trips as I planned.

We arrived on Friday evening and had a walk around the premises. There were a couple of houses scattered around the main palace, everything was renovated and very stylish. There was also a series of ponds, horse barn and other animals around. Since we were off the beaten track really, we enjoyed the peace and quiet of this place, especially at dusk and dawn. The next day the integration party started. There were around 200 guests but it didn't feel like so many. After an official opening, a series of team building activities started. That was real fun and ended in a huge water balloon fight. Splash splash everywhere :) That seemed like a real fun.

The weather for such a water activity couldn't be better. The end of September can be very cold in Poland but not this year. Actually, when the sun shined it was hot enough to get sun burnt. At least the clothes dried fast. Splash, splash!

And the team building...

The whole thing ended up with a barbecue till late hours. I can't write anything about it as I didn't participate (someone had to stay with the kids) but all I know was that helium tank was the highlight of it :) We left on Sunday, relaxed, integrated and willing to come back again.

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