Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sardinia Day 7: Cala Gonone and Goodbye Orosei

Our last day on the marvel island... It went so quickly, I wish we had another week. We had been waiting to see the most famous beaches around (Cala Luna, Cala Goloritze etc.) until the last day. They can be reached by water or hiking on foot. We came to Cala Gonone full of hope that maybe today the wind would be a bit less fierce and would let us hop on a boat and paddle to one of those divine bays... But no... We had no luck and had to let it go. Radek didn't feel like hiking, he just wanted to rest so I gave in and we spent most of the day chilling on the beach or around. See yourself.

While waiting for the wind to go away we visited Cala Gonone aquarium. The tanks were full of all kinds of tropical marvels. I like aquariums, I believe that the strangest creatures of our world live in depths of waters. It always puts me in awe and disbelief that such monsters live side by side with us.

Having checked yet one more time with a boat company whether it was possible to visit the beaches (nope, it wasn't), we headed out to have lunch. We managed to find the sweetest spot to enjoy the Mediterranean way of life - a lovely patio on the verge of the sand. We stayed there considerably longer than the usual meal time and didn't regret a minute!

We still didn't have enough of the beach, after all we didn't spend much time on the sand during the past week, so we crossed the fence and spent some time bathing in the sun and chilling. The inquestionable adventage of visiting places like that off season is the piece and quiet in not really secluded places like that.

Having lost all the hope for seeing Cala Luna (you clearly see my disappointment), we came back to Orosei to have a walk around. It would be funny to live there and not to see the place. Orosei is not super touristic, it's more of a small town than a holiday resort, but we still enjoyed it.

We finished the day and the whole trip by saying goodbye to the sea. Farewell Sardinia, you've brought us a lot of joy.

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