Friday, August 3, 2012

Croatia Day 1: Senj

Longly awaited holidays came at last. This year's destination: Croatia.
We started from Szczecin in the afternoon, splitted into two cars. The route was fine, it took us ~13 hours to get to the place. But boy, when we got there we made a stop just to absorb the beauty of the place.

This is the first image of the sea we saw before getting to the destination - after a long ride it was a decent reward for the pains of journey...

And this was the second image...

We arrived in the morning, so after settling in our accommodation place, taking showers and short naps, we set out to see Senj - the city we stayed in.

The city as such is rather small, so after a short walk around we headed to the main attraction - Nehaj hill where the Senj fortess is situated. The view from the massif was really spectacular, so although climbing up in such a hot weather was an effort, it was worth it.

The view on Nehaj...

The very first day on holidays always is like a shock to me. I find everything so spectacular, so fantastic, so marvellous... This was the case with Nehaj too. I could have stayed there for ages just to watch over the sea and mountains. But well, there were other beauty - places to discover so we went down to the city in the quest for finding a beverage to cool down. On our way we spotted even more quaint views of the place.

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