Friday, August 10, 2012

Croatia Day 7: Postojna and Predjama

We decided to spend our first weekend in Croatia... not in Croatia :)
On Saturday we chose two locations - first of them was Postojna in Slovenia.
Postojna is well known for its cave which is of 20 km length! It's visited by millions of tourists every year and it's not without a reason.

Postojna caves are known also for human fish (shown below). It's a blind amphibian living in very few places in the world. What's interesting about this creature is that it has adpated to living in complete darkness (so cave environment). It was absolutely forbidden to take photos with the flash since human fish are photosensitive.
It's a pity that those photos don't give justice to what we have really seen underground. I recommend visiting this place - to me it was really extraordinary.

When we left the cave we went to the Predjama castle, which is situated just a couple of kilometeres near Postojna. Before I say a word, just have a look at this photo...

The castle was built in the rock (don't ask me how but apparently it's been standing there since Renaissance). The rock serves in many cases as foundation and walls. It looks amazing.

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