Saturday, August 11, 2012

Croatia Day 8: Senj Summer Festival

Once a year Senj hosts lots of people from all over Croatia (and all over the world as tourists) for the summer festival. What happens at that day is a huge costume parade. Additions to the parade comprise of: rivers of alcohol, ... and I cannot think of anything more.

This year's parade was also accompanied by a Bura winter. It's a local wind that can be really bothersome (especially for tourists who hope for a perfect weather on their holidays). It made the street decorations fly unrulily.

When the parade started we were unprepared for the amount of participants. It was a real crowd and multitude of fancy dressed people. There was no leading theme (except for alcohol) and it was a real pleasure to have a look at all those disguise ideas. on top of that, people had real fun taking part in the parade (again - alcohol could have something to do with that) and it was fun watching it.

We didn't stay till the end, the wind was getting really nasty and I was cold. We finished the day by having a look at a beautiful sunset over Senj.

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