Sunday, August 5, 2012

Croatia Day 3: Plitvička Jezera and Kuterevo

On Sunday we set out to Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes). This was our main destination - the National Park of Croatia and, I would say, the most famous place of the country. And well, it's fame is undoubtedly merited. To me this was the day with the best views from the whole Croatia trip.

We made the long tour round Plitvice on foot with the exception of traversing the lake with a ship. The green is ubiquitous, it's kind of amazing how many shades of this colour we have seen.

After Plitvice Lakes we headed to Kuterevo. It's a small village I read about in a travel guide. It's situated almost at the end of everything - really lovely and isolated place. It's a must see point if you are in the area. Why so? It's the residence of abandoned bears found in National Parks of Croatia. That's right - "bear orphanages" - they exist!
The place is special not only because of the prevailing cuteness of baby bears. It's managed by the volunteers from all over the world - one might think it became a Bohemia place for contemporary youth. The uniqueness expresses itself almost at very step there - starting from the fact that when we reached the place we were welcomed and guided in a familiar atmosphere by a young Croatian girl, through the presence of totems, signs, monuments, installations all over the place done by teh volunteers and ending on the souvenir shop where one can buy hand-made goodies (done by the youth of course). It's a very original place.

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