Friday, August 10, 2012

Croatia Day 7: Muggia

Since I am absolutely in love with Italy, I just had to visit this country! 3 years earlier we had visited Triest - the biggest Italian city in the vicinity of Croatia. So this time we chose something less obvious - Muggia.

I cannot say a lot about this small city except for a statement: it's a perfectly typical Italian town, with all the charms the country has to offer. What i mean by that? Small old town, see, shining cobblestone, espresso for 1 EUR, narrow streets, marina, pizzerias and most of all - smiling Italians having fun at every possible moment.

When we arrived we had a small tour round the place interrupted by a compulsory coffee break.

Around 5 PM we got hungry and decided to look for a typical Italian pizzeria to have pizza. We asked local people to recommend us something and they did, so we went there. What the locals didn't tell us was that in Italy noone will serve pizza at 5 PM. It was actually pretty funny to observe the waitress' reaction: "You want pizza now?" (hidden message: "Are you insane?"). We kindly replied that it's OK and we will wait a bit for the oven to heat etc. and in the meantime we ordered some wine and starters. When pizza finally arrived at least we were already in good mood.

With full bellies and enhanced humour we set off to explore the town at dusk. In principle, with the sunset Muggia resurrected. From a lazy, bathed in sunlight,  a bit dormant place, it became one huge festivity scene. And the views... I really don't know if the sunset was special that day, because if it's ordinary, then I wanna move there when I retire!

Don't ask me what the occasion of the fete was. Each and every time I visit Italy in summer, there is a celebration of some kind (no matter the week day, no matter the place). I find amusing. I love Italian spirit! Anyway, there was a multitude of events in Muggia that day. Parade, music orchestra concert, rock concert on the street - to name a few. We watched all of that with awe and high spirit.

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