Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sardinia Day 3: Capo Testa, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Roccia dell'Orso

Another action packed day started with a visit to Capo Testa, the most amazing cape at north-east of the island. The views were amazing, with all the boulders and rocks scattered around the shore and inland the cape. Clouds, wind and general gloominess only added to the mood of exceptionality of the place. Yet again, the powers of nature astounded me and left me out humbled by their intensity.

Except for hopping over pebbles, climbing huge rocks, navigating between narrow passages, mounting to a viewpoint tower and fighting the wind, we also enjoyed the views and fresh sea breeze. It's a must-see place if you're on Sardinia.

From Capo Testa we moved to a neighbouring town of Santa Teresa di Gallura. We spent most of the time at the beautiful Spiagia Rena Bianca beach that looked like a picture from a travel magazine. Soft white sand, turquoise waters and green hills surrounded us and gentle waves soothed us as we sat down bare feet in the sun rays.

Our last attraction for the day was a bear-shaped rock called Roccia dell'Orso and a nearby Pallau town. The granite carved by the wind sits high up on a hill overlooking the sea and the inland. Not really bear-looking in a close-up, but still magnificent site gave us lots of fun as we grabbed tight to the barriers so that we were not knocked down by the wind. As a result we have wide grins and funny looking hair in the photos :)

Looking forward to day 4!

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