Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sardinia Day 6: Capo Caccia, Grotta di Nettuno, Alghero, Bosa

Day 6 was yet another busy day in our Sardinia trip schedule. We started driving east to Capo Caccia where high white cliffs stand out directly from water giving a breathtaking panorama over the Mediterranean and offshore islands. Another attraction of this place was Grotta di Nettuno - "an underground fairyland of stalactites and stalagmites". We chose the more difficult way to get there - on foot by a 656-step staircase of 110m height. We got pretty tired in the morning sun while going down. I don't have to mention that the way up was even more of a challenge.

The cave itself was pretty interesting - caves usually are to me. Maybe not the most spectacular cave I've ever seen but sure worth visiting.


From Capo Caccia we moved to Alghero - a big, touristic resort with beautiful old town and rocky sealine. It was a nice change to have people and open restaurants around. We had a nice walk through the old town and the seaside boulevard, we popped in a couple of tourists shops, grabbed ice cream and some refreshments on our way - in summary: normal holiday stuff. It felt nice.

Our last destination for the day was Bosa. I was lurked in to this place by postcard-like photos of the marina. Well, I learned that they were photoshopped a bit more than I expected but I won't complain. We were already tired in Bosa and didn't feel like doing the full tour of the city so we just strolled around and sat down for dinner. What was nice though was the road that led us to this tiny little place. We were going directly above the sea line and could admire the rugged shore. I recommend taking this route, it was truly spectacular. We didn't stop by for views to often though as we didn't want to wake up Wojtek. The views stay in our heads.

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