Monday, April 6, 2015

Sardinia Day 5: Tiscali

The very same day we went to visit Gorroppu canyon, we rushed up to the neighbouring Tiscali site. We were a bit tired after marching down and up and all the bouldering we did, nevertheless we wanted to see the so-advertised Tiscali site.
Tiscali is an ancient and pretty mysterious nuraghic site that dates back to the 6th century BC. Noone knows exactly why people settled in so high in the mountains but the remains of their village are to be seen up to this day.
Hiking to Tiscali was pretty easy and not too long with parts completely flat so we had a pretty good pace. The views were nothing fantastic to me but I'm spoiled by the Alps. On our way up we went past yet another archaeological gem - Domus de Jana - which looked like a cave shelter for someone pretty small. It was hidden among blossoming flowers and turpentine trees - a Flinstone-like look indeed.

To be honest, the site disappointed me greatly. I'm not an archeology lover, perhaps Andrzej Pilipiuk would have liked it better, but to me it was a bit boring and the fact they made me buy a ticket to see this was rather upsetting. The remains of the village are scarcely visible as all of the interesting stuff has been destroyed by raiders. The cave wall was nice but not worth 5 EUR. I also liked the twisted trees and the overall eery atmosphere of the place (no light, trees like ents etc) but I wasn't blown away as I had thought I would be. Too bad.

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