Monday, April 6, 2015

Sardinia Day 5: Gola Su Gorroppu hike

The next day of our Sardinia trip was so action packed that i decided to split it to two posts. We were spending the day alone and the weather was good so we were able to squeeze in two hikes. We started from a Sardinia must - Gola Su Gorroppu Canyon.
This was a truly mesmerising hike first down to a canyon and then through the boulders and vertical walls of Su Gorroppu. We started from Silana hotel from where we continued a couple of kilometres down. It's not often that you start hiking down, it's quite tricky because you always need to keep powers to return to your car. In any case, the route to get to the canyon was already a nice walk.

We reached the entrance pretty early in the morning which was a good thing to do as later it became hotter and super crowded. The route is divided into three parts - easy, medium and difficult. The last one is advisable to be done with a guide and equipment. I'll get to that soon :)

Even the easy part was already a fun scramble. We soon reached the famous 500 m climbing wall (that has the toughest climbing grade: 8b something - I'm not a prof on that). That was enormous and truly unbelievably beautiful. I felt like on shoot of Avatar movie with its fairylands. The two photos below show it best - can you see how small we are in the perspective?

We continued along the route and soon reached the red trail. We decided to keep on going as long as we manage. There was a couple in front of us that did the same, all the other tourists backed away as it really became super technical. In fact, I wouldn't have made it alone, it was only thanks to Radek that was tall enough to reach certain ledges and later pull me up that I made it to the end. After a while we paired up with the other couple and continued together in joint efforts. It was seriously difficult at times, but nothing dangerous at least - no exposed places, no heights... When we reached the end of the canyon I was actually disappointed and was hoping for more. Pointe Percee - I am going to get you this year! :)

And the end:

We don't have many photos from the red part of the trail as we needed our hands constantly but the ones we have show the deal :) I recommend visiting this place with all my heart.

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