Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teppes de Verbois

After Radek had come back from skiing, we still had like half a Sunday to do something fun. With a clearing sky and warm temperature, we decided to go for a walk at Teppes de Verbois - a nice route around ponds and vineyards. The route has not been fitted for prams but we somehow managed to go through the mud and bumps.
The road first went through a forest with ponds that are a habitat for different species of birds. There are even special observatories aside and inside we encountered a couple of photographers with very fancy and long lenses covered in camouflaging material... Well, we're not at that point with our photography hobby, perhaps some day?

Soon we left the forest-pond area and entered the vineyards. Although grape trees are rather bare at this time of the year, we enjoyed the view anyone, especially when the clouds turned ominous dark blue (but these were not rainy clouds, it was just the sun set that made them look like sinister).

The last part of the walk led through a lovely village of Russin. Those little dots on the map are all so quaint and peaceful - like the laws of time don't rule in this places - everything is quiet and peaceful. We went past the village, then last straight through the fields and back to the car. Very nice stroll.

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