Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visit Day 6: Chamonix

We waited with our trip to Chamonix for a perfect weather. We chose Thursday and we were not disappointed. Chamonix is a marvelous place where you can feel what high Alps mean. So as soon as we arrived on place we bought a day ticket for all lifts and we went to queue for Aiguille du Midi lift that took us on a great height of 3842 m.

I was on Aiguille du Midi in 2010 but this time a new attraction called "Step Into The Void" waited for me. It was a lot of fun for me but some people were seriously scared.

We spent lots of time up there especially that the sun that day warmed us nicely. So when we went down we needed to be hurry to catch up our second attraction "Mer de Glace". Fortunately after a 30 min ride on a very nice train we were able to see and even lick the longest glacier in France.


After so many attractions we went back home to eat something tasty.

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