Monday, February 17, 2014

Visit Day 3: Annecy

We started visit day 3 with a trip to Annecy - a place I have seen thousands of time because it's so picturesque that every visitor needs to see it. For summer Annecy - check out this post. Winter Annecy is way different. Today it was a bit grim, with heavy clouds hanging above the lake. Fortunately, a general colourfullness of this place (houses, alleys, flowers etc.) made the whole town view more friendly.

We strolled around the village and then stopped at a restaurant to grab a bite and sip on coffee. We ordered traditional cheese omlette and cheese dish (with Reblochon - local cheese). Coffee was served in a pottery made in Savoy (this region). How quaint and lovely... On top of that, as we were sitting by the bank of river, enjoying local goodies, sky turned a bit brighter and we could see sun reflexes. We didn't stay too long though because later that day we had CERN visit scheduled.

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