Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visit Day 5: Montreux, Gruyères, Broc

We left two most action - packed days to the end of our friends' visit. On Wednesday morning we took Ania and Wojtek to the airport (they flew to Poland) and we hit the road. First to Montreux where we saw beautiful Montreux riviera, castle of Chillon and of course statue of our favorite artist of all times Freddie Mercury. (You can see this statue on Made In Heaven album cover).

After Montreux we went to world famous village of Gruyères - home of Gruyères cheese and favorite place of artist Hans Rudolf Giger who is mostly recognized as a creator of Ksenomorfs for Aliens movies. In Gruyères you can visit museum of H.R Giger and drink something in bar that he designed.

After seeing Gruyères' castle, Giger Bar and Museum we became hungry so we went to Maison Du Gruyères for some cheesy food.

For dessert that day we served ourselves a lot of chocolate in Cailler Chocolate factory in a nearby town of Broc.

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