Saturday, February 15, 2014

Visit Day 1: Yvoire, Thonon

We are having a longly awaited friends' visit this week. With so many fantastic places around, we have an action packed 7 days ahead :) We are starting mildly, not to tire Magda and Michał too much on their first day. Yvoire is a must for every tourist. We've been there with Radek a couple of times (see this post), not once in winter though. It was a real delight to stroll down the medieval allays without many tourists around. The old town is small but lovely and the coastal area with the castle... Real delight.

Since Yvoire is a 1-hour-walk town, we decided to pop by yet another coastal village on our way back to Geneva. We chose Thonon-les-Bains because we (Radek and I) haven't seen it yet. Although those little places are similar to each other, Thonon has something that distinguishes it from the others... It's le funiculaire - sort of a tram for lazy tourists who prefer to have a ride up and down the hill instead of walking. Yep - that's us :) Well, the truth is - we are not lazy - it's just that the funiculaire is an attraction itself and we wanted to check it out. It took us to the lake and back. Would be hard to push a pram all the way up!

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