Sunday, February 16, 2014

Visit Day 2: Pointe de Chalune

During the second day of our friends' visit we wanted to show them what we have best here in Geneva region, so I took them to mountains. We went to La Chevrerie and we tried to reach Pointe de Chalune (2116 m). Mountains during winter are beautiful especially for people who have never seen so much snow before. Magda and Michał needed some time to get used to the snowshoes but after some time they started to enjoy the hike and views.

Unfortunately, during our hike the weather turned bad and we needed to turn back after half of our way to the top. But going down gave us even more fun than going up. We jumped with our snowshoes off the track until we completely disappeared in snow.

Because we didn't reach summit of Pointe de Chalune we decided to go and see a view point of Turet close to Gex, later that day.

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