Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goodbye Mont Blanc

It's not really a secret that I set my heart on claiming Mont Blanc. Although I never felt the goal was near, I've always had it in my mind and every time I saw the mountain it reminded me of my dream. Today I already know it's not going to happen during our current stay in France, as we are soon leaving.  It doesn't mean that I let go but it for sure complicates a lot. So I feel lots of regret when I see climbers like in the photo above. I have to say - my last trip to Chamonix was very nostalgic.

We took Radek's mum to Chamonix and we did all the musts there:
- we took the cable car to Aiguille du Midi (at staggering 3842m)  to get as close to Mont Blanc as possible for tourists,
- then we took Montenvers train to Glace de Mer glacier where we entered the ice cave.
Ok, what's missing is step into the void (the glass cage on top of the steeple) but that was closed at the moment and Radek's mum didn't really feel like hanging over a chasm. We made a rather fast tour over Aiguille du Midi because lack of oxygen was taking its toll. So last final look at the climbers and off we go to the lower land where Radek and Wojtek were waiting for us.

In Chamonix we walked to the train station, stopping by at Pattisserie's to stock up on some gooddies. Montenvers train is very nice itself, meandring slowly through forests and mountains. A 20-minute ride took us to the glacier departing station where we had an unexpected mandatory break because the baby got rocked on the train and fell asleep in daddy's arms.

Once nap time was over we all headed to the ice cave. Because the level of the glacier decreases every year, we first needed to take a cable car down and then walk some good amount of stairs to reach the cave. This really makes you understand what global warming is... Call me an eco-freek but it was very depressing to me. Nevertheless, the amount of ice in Mer de Glace glacier is still overwhelming. It's not seen at the first glance as it's mostly covered by rocks and dust but the gray surface down there in the photo above it's all ice underneath. Should you not believe, have a look at our photos from the ice cave carved at the heart of it.

 And so we finished the day. It's hard to be parting with places I love but I'm looking forward to what future brings. Some new areas to discover - that's for sure.

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