Friday, July 10, 2015

VF Fort l'Ecluse

We're trying to tuck in as many activities as possible before our departure home. In the end, it's our last chance to try via ferrata (we have no such attraction in Poland). It's actually surprising that we haven't tried it earlier - there are so many around, it's in mountains, it requires a lot of interaction with forces of nature, it's challanging... But somehow we hesitated until now.
We chose a route that is 15 minutes away from our place, at the rock of Fort l'Ecluse. We really didn't know what to expect except from nice views that we know well by now. So we set off full of excitement.

As you can see from one of the photos above, it was scary :) It was actually the scariest thing I've done so far in mountains. It was so scary that at some point I froze somewhere on the rock unsure how to proceed so that I don't find myself hanging from a vertical wall. But it was fun! I enjoyed it a lot and once the fright passed, we were left with excitement and smiles on our faces. In the beginning we weren't sure if we wanted to repeat it or not but after a while we decided to give it another try so stay tuned for more of daredevil via ferrata acrobatics :)

An overview of the route:

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