Saturday, July 11, 2015

VF Morez

We're not done yet with via ferratas. It teaches me a lot to go out of my comfort zone and conquer all the fears. And after the second time on the wall I can already tell - it gets easier and easier. Today's route technically was actually not complicated. The only passage that gave us a thrill were the two bridges stretched between smooth, vertical walls. I had quite a pickle finding the right way to place my feet and not to fall. But I'm starting to like this sensation of rushing heartbeat out there!

 As I said, the rest of the route was rather easy and we had lots of fun in our little group. The views were nice so every now and then we stopped by to have a look at the valley. I'm still not decided if it's going to be my hobby or not. I guess we need another try :)

And a short movie from the day:

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