Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mont Buet (3096m)

With no doubt a top 3 hike for us - Mont Buet. I was pretty excited to be doing this one as I know of many people who did Buet and they all underlined the magnificence of the route. We started early in the morning as the walk would be long (all in all over 8h) and the day was exceptionally hot (like all the others this summer) so we wanted to reach high altitudes by the noon.

Apparently, departure at 8 AM was still too late to avoid the heat wave and I barely reached refuge de la pierre a berard. Fortunately, soon the heights started to cool down the air and after 10 minues in the shade we continued our walk in changing landscape.

Our next stop took place at the plateau right before a final ascent to Buet. Oh dear lord, look at the views! The final metres were rather easy, although quite slow and tedious as the altitude gave us signs with shortened breath. But we made it and it was totally worth it!

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