Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pic de Jallouvre (2408m)

Holidays! Our first outing - Jallouvre. Not too difficult but also not too easy - just fine for the start of the season. And the views...

After a mild and longish start where we somehow managed to lose a path, we began the ascent. We were moving quite quickly wanting to leave the heat behind and reach cooler temperatures in hights.

We were fast so we reached the fun part in no time. I knew we would be going on a dramatic ridge but apparently we became too much of daredevils as our heart rates didn't speed for a second while crossing it. But it's always fun to go past such a technical passage.

After the ridge there was a short steep passage and the top already. The views were truly amazing.

Stats: Length: 13 km; Elevation gain: 900m; Time: 4h

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