Saturday, July 25, 2015

Provence Day 3: More Lavender and Ochre

We didn't feel like we had enough of ochre and lavender the previous day so we decided to see more of this beauty. Also, it's not really a new discovery to me, but I so much prefer visiting nature resorts than the cities and typical touristic places. So the plan for today was to follow a Colorado Provencal ochre trail and then drive up to Chateau du Bois region to have a walk around the lavender fields.

Colorado Provencal is a truly remarkable place. It's a 3-hour trail of no technical difficulty that leads through ochre canyons and deserts. The path leads first above a panoramic point where we had a look over the marvels of nature, then we reached a White Desert full of pale formations and white sand, then through a panoramic view of the canyon at the other side and finishing with another desert - this time red. See yourself.

From there we drove to Chateau du Bois to have a strall in lavender fields. Pretty romantic scenery for commemoration of our 7th wedding anniversary (that would fall on the next day).

We got hungry so decided to pass by a neighbouring village - Saint Saturnin les Apt. It turned out to be a lottery win as the place was secluded by tourists - I really don't know why as I would say it was one of the prettiest settlements we visited throughout the whole visit. There was a castle on a hill, a dame, charming streets, fountains etc. The views were really nice as the whole place was situated on a hill. Worth doing a detour!

Next we visited Mines de Broux - another place worth recommending. It was an old minery complex that now was open to tourists. A 40-minute long tour with a guide tought us a lot about the industry and was really interesting. The day was getting to an end so we had time to visit just one last place and decided to go for Menerbes which is on the list of the most beautiful villages in France. We were super lucky as there was a men choir concert for free that we attended with pleasure. Even our son liked it and it's not often an almost 2-year old sits quietly and listens to the music! Another beautiful day past us!

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