Monday, July 27, 2015

Provence Day 5: Sound of the sea

If you know me well you know I love planning. What I love planning most is my holidays and it was no different this time. Before departure on vacation I buy a guide, search the Internet and do a very detailed list of "to see" places. It's rather rarely that I don't stick to my plans, as there usually are various variants to choose from and one of them always fits. Today though we decided to make a drastic change and we headed to the seaside - which was not planned at all. I guess we both have had enough of "hard core sight-seeing" and needed a day-off from running around. So we took a map and basically chose a place that seemed nice and had a beach. So it happened that it was in a national natural park and since I love nature - we made our steps there.

It was unbarably hot so we didn't spend much time with the flamingos. Sure they were cute but I really needed a water breeze to cool down so we shortened our walk around the ponds and headed to the seaside.

At the seaside... What can I say... Oh sweet laziness. We did absolutely nothing. I spent the entire afternoon under the umbrella reading and relaxing. The weather was perfect - it was super sunny but also windy from the sea so I didn't feel hot at all. Wojtek loved the beach and in principle we didn't need to entertain him at all. Am I getting old? I really wish I planned more of such days this year :)

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