Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Provence Day 6: Avignon and Orange

Our last day in Provence and only two places to see: Avignon and Orange. I have to say, we have had enough of cities and towns, I miss mountains, nature etc. It's nothing new - I'm not really a city person, but I have a feeling that I used to handle touristic places like that better than now. In any case - I'm not moaning or anything. I enjoyed the whole trip, it's just that I liked our lavender fields trip, and ochre fields more than places like Avignon or similar.

We started from Avignon castle and here another confession - my expectations twoards it were much higher than what I saw. Perhaps once it was a splendid place but now only walls are left. On top of that, Wojtek started to feel a bit bored but our programme and he showed his discontent in a pretty obvious way, so we really had to rush through the castle. To sum up, the castle wasn't the highlight for me. But I did enjoy the walk around the city. Avignon is pretty big and there are quite many places to look around. We wandered without any destination and made a longish loop that gave us a gist of how people live in this city.

 From Avignon we headed north to our home, however we stopped in a little town called Orange. It's widely known for its amphitheater  and I have to admit - it was spectacular. A place worth doing a detour.

And so our journey has finished. Next holidays: skiing somewhere in Tatra mountains.

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