Thursday, July 23, 2015

Provence Day 1: Pernes-les-Fontaines

Holidays! Knowing that we're soon coming back to Poland and have lots of days off to be used, we booked a last-minuted stay in Provence, just a 4-hour drive from Geneva. Our main goal for the trip was to see lavender fields. We'll get to that :)

The village we're staying in - Pernes-les-Fontaines - is a nice touristic place but definitely not impudent. It has lots of little fountains scattered around the place. They are really tiny - don't expect anything sumptous - but they give a charm to the streets. As every place in France, this one also has a little castle (or what's left of it), little old city square and a market place. It's a pleasure to walk around.

We made a short walk around the village, stayed for a beer and ice cream and went back to our quarters to prepare for the next day that would be full of adventures. Stay tuned!

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